We are committed to doing all that we can to ensure the health and safety of all our tenants, staff, and contractors

We continue to follow all advice and guidance provided to us, currently on a daily basis, from Public Health England and the government. 

Following government guidance, the offices are closed. The Tenant Support Manager attends site once or twice a week, the Finance & Buildings Manager is collecting post and paperwork weekly and both managers have remote access to the computer systems. Office phone numbers have been diverted to the manager’s mobile phones, Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.

We have closed our communal room and computer room and have requested that only one person at a time uses the communal laundry. The communal room/kitchen and toilet are still available for staff use only.

We have moved to an emergency only repairs service, which means we will carry out urgent repairs only, to keep our tenants’ homes safe and secure. 

The handyman is attending one morning a week to carry out regular checks and works and is disinfecting the external benches.The weekly cleaning company is now attending an extra day each week to further disinfect corridor handrails, entry systems, laundries, lift handrails and buttons, etc. 

We’ve set-up a programme of rolling phone calls to all our tenants, to help with their wellbeing and make sure they can access support if it is required. 

We are continuing to accept applications for flats but are not currently carrying out interviews. We will update the website when interviews are due to restart. 

It is imperative that we all follow the government’s social distancing guidance to prevent further spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19, to protect ourselves, those around us and especially the NHS.


As such, we are encouraging our tenants to stay home, not to have visitors and only go outside for food or health reasons or to exercise, unless advised to remain at home for 12 weeks’. 

Similarly, we encourage all tradespersons to the Orchard to keep in mind that many of our tenants fall within the ‘at-risk group’, so please: