Managers and staff

There are two managers and one part-time assistant responsible for the day-to-day running of the flats and monitoring the well being and needs of the tenants.

Staff are on duty from 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Amanda Peters, Finance and buildings manager

Amanda Peters, Finance and Buildings Manager

Amanda has worked in sheltered housing organisations for 12 years. Prior to this she ran her own cleaning company whilst her two children were growing up. 

Amanda began work at The Orchard in October 2016 and is the Finance and Buildings Manager, ensuring that all property and building issues are managed appropriately.

Amanda has extensive experience and training on the changing needs of the older generation and enjoys assisting wherever possible.


 020 8458 5173 

Beatrice Boussard, Tenant support manager

Beatrice Boussard, Tenant Support Manager

Beatrice came to London in 1989 from France as an au pair. After a year, she applied for a job with the NHS to work as a support worker in special training and assessment units. Beatrice did this for several years  before starting a family.

While her children were growing up, Beatrice returned to her initial profession in book keeping, working for different companies until 2007. In April 2007, Beatrice had the opportunity to go back to work full time for a large housing association as a sheltered scheme manager. 

Beatrice continued to develop her knowledge and understanding of sheltered housing and enjoyed working with the older generation. In October 2016, looking to work for a smaller organisation, Beatrice found the Orchard. 

Beatrice is now the tenant support manager at the Orchard and with her experience gained working at larger housing associations, she can apply the right support to improve tenants’ independence and wellbeing and reduce loneliness.


020 8455 3223  


Leonie Jacobs, Part-Time Housing Assistant


Leonie has worked in administration for well over 20 years. During this time, she has worked within several industries including health, law enforcement and hospitality. 

Leonie grew up in the suburb and has lived in the area for over 37 years. The suburb is her home and a community she is keen and proud to give something back to.

Leonie's wealth of professional experience in administration and personal experience and interest in helping the older generation makes The Orchard a perfect fit for her.


  020 8458 5173 

  020 8455 3223